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Pick of the month for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – an excellent excuse for more jewellery. I found these stylish pieces that would make a great gift.

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Cool anniversary

Coolchile - tortillasTwo decades ago, there were a handful of Mexican restaurants in London, one of whom sold a few Mexican food ingredients. I remember going to ‘Si Señor’ and buying corn flour to make tortillas in my North London flat. Back then, I met Dodie Miller, the owner of Coolchile, who was already importing Mexican chiles into the UK. Today Coolchile also provides Londoners with corn tortillas. In my opinion, Coolchile has contributed tremendously towards putting tortillas on British people’s plates and this month they are celebrating 20 years in the business. Salud! and Felicitaciones! to Coolchile – without them my children would not know how tortillas really taste.


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Yellow and blue

February has been gloomy and cold, but I’m feeling a little more cheerful now the daffodils have started to flower, adding a little bit of colour to our surroundings. There  is something about the colour yellow that I love. It lifts my mood; and I like having yellow in the house.

A window of blue appeared in the sky this afternoon. I felt blessed and again, my mood brightened.

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Valentine’s Day

We shivered through January but now February has arrived with some (slightly) better weather. This is making me feel a lot more positive about things. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, too. Any excuse to get the chocolates and the wine out.

While I know My Other Half won’t be giving me any jewellery – I do expect chocolates – and we’ve another special date soon after: our wedding anniversary (18 years and counting).

I have pieces of jewellery that remind me of certain events in our life, like the earrings I’m wearing today, which I bought in Amsterdam in the late 90s. I love how physical things are often associated with events and memories. How about you?

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Mexican silver is back

I’m delighted to tell you that after many months in the planning, I have finally brought together a new collection of jewellery for you to enjoy.

For those of you who already know me and are still wearing Mexican silver, it may bring back memories of those jewellery parties! We should do that again, so do drop me a line. In the meantime, enjoy the collection and get yourself a well deserved treat.